Reebok ZigCarbon: Born to Run #livewithfire

by Katelyn Block on June 13, 2013 · 2 comments

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As a CrossFitter, I’ve learned to be completely adaptable. To obscure conditions and good ones, unexpectedly heavy weights, unfamiliar movements, and once in awhile, having to get scrappy with a different kind of shoes (read: accidentally leaving your Nano’s at home and having to perform a metcon in my OLY Lifters). When I received the ZigCarbon shoes from Reebok, I was excited to try these for many reasons.

  1. They look really awesome.
  2. I’ve been Reebok’s #1 fan for approaching a year now. I’ll take any opportunity to try a new shoe. ;)
  3. This shoe is designed for runners and running. I’m ready for a change of pace towards a shoe that will help my running.

With the shoes, Reebok sent an adorable yoga top (which I’ve been using for CrossFit – I love its crossback and how comfy it is!) and a pair of their PWR Leggings.   After I received the shoes, I immediately double-knotted them on my feet and took them for a few 800m runs.

IMG_9933 copy

They are comfy and conform well to my feet, which is huge, considering that I have had serious knee problems in the past with “running” shoes. I have wide feet for their size (I rock a size 5.5-6.5, depending on the shoe) and high arches. A huge issue in the past has been the narrowness of a shoe, being too firm or too soft, and not being able to adequately support the arches of my feet and conform to them at the same time.

The Reebok ZigCarbons surpassed my expectations by widening and narrowing in the right places, as well as boasting support in the arches. Like a good “running” shoe, the drop was lower in the ball of the foot and higher in the heel, allowing for a much better foot strike (read: landing on your whole foot rather than heel-strike). They’re low cut, so there’s no brushing against your ankles, and you can wear low-cut socks without slipping.

reebok zigcarbon 1

The next day, I wore them in a CrossFit WOD – heavy weights and everything. I realize that these shoes are made for running (which I love), but as a CrossFitter, I had to put them to the ultimate test: functional fitness. These shoes surprised me by holding their support and giving me an extra bit of oomph that I hadn’t had from a shoe before.

I love my Reebok Nano’s for CrossFit, but for WODs that are focused on running or rowing, as well as body weight movements, the raised heel on these shoes are a huge help. And with wall balls. ESPECIALLY wall balls. Did you know that I am 5’2.25″ and have not grown since the sixth grade? Any extra height helps. Now, my running form isn’t the best; let’s make that very clear.

reebok zigcarbon 3

As I’ve been wearing these shoes in running workouts, I’ve improved my form (leaning forward more – Chi Running folks would be proud), have less fatigue below the knee (no more shin splints!), and I’m convinced that I’m a little bit faster.

Do you have a pair of shoes that has helped your running?
CrossFitters: Do you change shoes for workouts with running?
Runners: What do you look for in a good running shoe?

I was not compensated for this campaign. All opinions are my own.


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