This is Thanksgiving Healthy Living, Betches.

by Katelyn Block on November 26, 2011 · 15 comments

Good evening boobypoopiefaces! Did you see my last post? It was like story time in Miss Katelyn’s class. I had cookies for breakfast. Go check it out.

Now that you’ve read that, onto TGivs (and a surprise party), in photograph form.

A table full of family. Dun dun dunnn.

Sorry, sausage-muffins. No pictures of food. I guess I was a lame-o and forgot to whip out my camera in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner. My bad.

Surprise party for Aunt & Uncle, both of which almost died of heart attacks but were so so happy.


My cousins are literally the sweetest things ever. It was their parents’ (my aunt & uncle’s) anniversary this past Wednesday, and had this surprise party planned since before Padre ran the NYC Marathon. I love surprise parties, especially when you get the people good.

Samantha, Kelsey and Melanie arranged to have some of the closest family attend, including my “other aunt and uncle” Karen and Mark. Karen played a huge part in the food preparing and ordering process. She’s a sweetheart. Every year when I was a kid they let us ride in their speedboat at the lake! Tubing back then was much more of a novelty than it is now. As you grow older, some of the simple things get a bit less sparkly.

Anywho, the delicious food that they prepared:

I don’t know the actual name of the chicken dish, but it was amazing and was called Chicken Fran-something. So good. Go google what it’s called and then make it/order it. Okaybye.

OBVIOUSLY, everything was so delicious that I had to try a little bit of every dish. I mean duh.

My plate:

Family shot!

Do you spy little ol’ me?

Oh! Also, I got a coffee maker! Basically a miracle in a box and my brand new baby. You can set it so that your coffee is done by a certain time, so basically I will literally be waking up to the smell of fresh coffee. Hope my roommate doesn’t mind the smell of fresh, organic, fair trade Trader Joe’s “Wake Up” blend.

Oh, hello, soulmate in a mug. I have met my match. NOW WAKE ME UP, BETCH.

And went to Trader Joe’s. Omg it was magical. So many goodies are going to be invading my dorm room in T minus one hour when I’m back home. Eeeee. I love love loved break. I didn’t think I would love being with my family as much as I did (I hate to admit it, and I’m sorry that I thought negatively), but it was a blast and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Oftentimes I come back from a break wishing I had done one thing more, taken one more opportunity or laughed one more time, but I feel satisfied and ready to go home. I’m kind of sad to leave my family, as I always am (because I love them, duh!), but this time I am also excited because the thought of my adorable room and my floor mates and my beautiful campus make me so happy to go home. I love it, and it is where I belong now.

Meow. Sappy sue. Have a good rest of your evening/Sunday morning loves!

Tell me about your thanksgiving!



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Kaila @healthyhelperblog! November 27, 2011 at 1:12 AM

Sounds like you definitely made the right choice girl! It seems like you had an amazing time with your family! I just love the holidays!


Hollie@lolzthatswim November 27, 2011 at 8:26 AM

Oh my god that sounds amazing! I’m glad you had such a good time with your family! :)


Kathleen November 27, 2011 at 11:16 AM

I wish we had a Trader’s Joe’s around here. :) I love all of the names you give your family. :)


Melissa November 27, 2011 at 11:25 AM

:) That sounds like an awesome TGIVS! I live in Canada so ours was last month, my mom/stepdad/brother/sister-in-law all moved away a year and a half ago so it didn’t work out to have thanksgiving with them so my husband and I went to my aunts and had thanksgiving with them :)…we also had a big thanksgiving with my husbs family. All in all it was good, I wish we could have seen more family but hey, christmas is coming!! Stoked to see that you got a coffee maker, I love the timer on mine it is a LIFESAVER, I am currently drinking some home-made coffee right now mmm :).


Katelyn November 29, 2011 at 1:13 AM

ahhh isn\’t it the best?!


Leashieloo November 27, 2011 at 1:55 PM

Thanksgiving was soooo good! We saw family all day long, ate aplenty, and played ridiculous games until the wee hours. I was also lame and forgot to take pictures of my meal, but whatevs! Glad you had a great game!


Katelyn November 29, 2011 at 1:14 AM

Leash!!! Missed you girl! Hope to see your face around here more often chica :)


Haley @ Health Freak College Girl November 27, 2011 at 2:17 PM

looks like fun! my thanksgiving was fun :) it was amazing seeing the fam bam of course. the delicious food helped too ;)


meesch November 27, 2011 at 10:29 PM

Your style of writing is so freakin’ energetic, it’s contagious! You are absolutely adorable and I can’t wait to follow your blog = ) Thank you for the sweet comment on my site by the way, that made my day!



Katelyn November 29, 2011 at 1:14 AM

Ah! Thank you for saying that love. It made my day.


Lee @ Fit Foodie Finds November 28, 2011 at 7:47 AM

Uhm, I am loving anything and everything about this post. I want one of those stuffed shells. Make it g/f and send it on over. Plz. Thnx.


Katelyn November 29, 2011 at 1:15 AM

Ughh I wish it was gf too. Over xmas break we will bake lots of gf goodies. Okaysoundsgood.


Kelly November 28, 2011 at 1:17 PM

Looks like you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!! Love your blog, so glad to be a new follower! xoxo


Katelyn November 29, 2011 at 1:15 AM

I\’m glad to have you as a new follower! Thank you love!


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