Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Down at the {Boardwalk} + {Clean} Hotel Room Dinner!

July 3, 2012

Hey there! Guess who enjoyed the sunshine today? Ohhhh yes, us nuggets. Until it started to rain. I swear, you could have scooped out the air with a spoon. Yes, it was that humid. We biked for about two hours up and down the boardwalk. It was a leisurely pace, given that these bikes were [...]

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{Day 3} Protect this House: I Will.

July 3, 2012

Hey there Day Three! Guess who’s sippin on some homemade goodness this morning? This girl. Last night, my aunt gave me an early birthday gift and was spot on. She knows me so well. I woke up super hungry, so a workout was out of the question. I’ve noticed that now that I’ve been doing [...]

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