Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Crave Game. {Cookies}

cookaaaays July 24, 2012

I crave foods a lot. Think: Chocolate, avocados, ketchup, beer-battered chicken wings, and sprinkles. Normal things. But sometimes you need something that satisfies a whole bunch of cravings at once. Chocolate, avocados, sprinkles, and dreams of anything beer-battered and chicken-wing related. Tonight, I made cookies. I really like cookies. Especially when they’re a. Easy to [...]

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{Enjoy!}: Monday Night Shenanigans.

mary July 24, 2012

Hi guys! How’s it going? Let’s talk about how six people found my blog yesterday by searching “bags under eyes man”. Wait, what? Guys, I know I don’t get much sleep, but woah… I need to work on my face. Paint it on more or something. I also posted about three times yesterday, which is [...]

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