November 2012

Intro: Why + How I’m Changing my Training

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  Howdy! How’s everyone doing? I just wanted to quick catch you guys up on a few changes I’m making in my life and why. This is me right now. I like my body. I love my body. But I’d like to build more muscle (a lot more) and cut down on my body fat. [...]

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{FoodPorn}: So Super Stinkin’ Thankful.

Thumbnail image for {FoodPorn}: So Super Stinkin’ Thankful. November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend is one of my favorites of the entire year. Wednesday night starts off the weekend with a serious celebration, followed by working out (or sleeping half the day) on Thanksgiving morning, eating your body weight in food, and then passing out to football. My Thanksgiving look: Flowy top, gold Lucky Brand necklace and [...]

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{Thanksgiving} WOD + Peppermint Mocha Lattes

Thumbnail image for {Thanksgiving} WOD + Peppermint Mocha Lattes November 22, 2012

So, this morning I woke up on my grandparent’s floor on my favorite mattress because the floor has more cold spots. And I had my coffee, protein, and a banana, and drove to CrossFit 908. Aren’t stories great? This fairy tale ends with lattes. Keep reading. These gloves from StrongerRx have been way helpful for [...]

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Cookies. That I baked.

Thumbnail image for Cookies. That I baked. November 19, 2012

I’m too sleepy and exhausted from my weekend (saw Zac Brown Band… live!), and today’s workouts. This is going to be an in-bed-before-ten kind of night. Until then, entertain yourself and bake some cookies. Thanks, Delighted Momma, for the recipe! You know it’s Thanksgiving break when….

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{Thanksgiving Throwdown}: Competition Recap!

Thumbnail image for {Thanksgiving Throwdown}: Competition Recap! November 14, 2012

Hey everyone! Good morning! I promised you all a recap of my competition, so I’m going to do that and then tell you about my new training regimen in the next post. Both are just too lengthy to squeeze in one! On Thursday, we visited my grandparents in New Jersey (a convenient way to see [...]

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Empire Brewing Company + Competition Road Trip!

Thumbnail image for Empire Brewing Company + Competition Road Trip! November 12, 2012

WHEW! Hey there friends! Wow, what I week it’s been! I haven’t talked to you since last week and finnnally I am back. Wow. Let’s talk about what I did this week. Did a triple WOD Monday, active recovery row and foam rolling Tuesday, strength and metcon Wednesday, then I rested Thursday and Friday (and [...]

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{Double WOD} x2 + When Someone Makes Your Day

Thumbnail image for {Double WOD} x2 + When Someone Makes Your Day November 5, 2012

Wow, what a day. Hi guys!! I’m feeling so dang happy right now and I just have to share it. First, let’s note tonight’s WOD, titled “Don’t Drop The Bar”: Team of 2 (135/95) 3 rounds for time – 10 shoulder to overhead – 10 back squat – 10 hang clean – 10 front squat [...]

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Sandy Trip Update + Chaco-Cado Fudge Pudding

Thumbnail image for Sandy Trip Update + Chaco-Cado Fudge Pudding November 5, 2012

Ultimate breakfast of champions. Good morning, everyone! Thank you so much for your feedback!! I was recently made aware of a blogger in NYC who lost her home and currently has a donation fund set up for herself and her family. Thank you, Theo (who talks about more ways to help the cause), for letting me know [...]

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{Sandy}: Call For Help

November 4, 2012

I feel so dang helpless today, friends. I’ve been watching all of the news about the storm. Sandy’s devastation. The homes destroyed. Sisters of mine whose towns have been completely washed away. People with no clothes, limited food, unable to see their families or recover old photos. I want to help. I want to help [...]

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Winter + Invictus WOD + Quick & Healthy Paleo Dinner

Thumbnail image for Winter + Invictus WOD + Quick & Healthy Paleo Dinner November 3, 2012

Hey friends! Dang, I’m feeling so much better. It’s really amazing what a little home remedy’ing can do. I’ve been getting plenty of rest, eating my vegetables, and using a tissue when I sneeze. Proud, Mom? (it absolutely makes me so happy that she reads my blog. Hi Mom. What’s up) Sipping on the natural [...]

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