Katelyn Block

Hi! Thank you for stopping by. I’m a young woman with big dreams and an even bigger love for all things that make life beautiful. Currently a student at Syracuse University, I am studying just about everything, not knowing exactly where it is going to take me.

I have a knack for all things stylish and beautiful, as well as how to live a healthy life. Ever since I was a youngin’, I’ve been aware of my choices and how they impact my health and happiness. I am not an anything “-itarian”, but I enjoy vegetarian foods most of the time.¬†Yoga and walking have my heart. Other than that, fitness is merely an accessory.

I indulge in reading books on the great designers of years past, style icons, culture, and travel. Writing is an extension of myself; it is something I love to do, and a medium to communicate my passion with others. Graphic, interior, and fashion design fascinate me. Inquire here for graphic design services.

My hope is to see the world and live each moment to the fullest as it comes to me. The world is my oyster, and yours. Indulge in it and live every moment. View it through your most curious lens, and soak in every piece.

I’m a go-getter. I live for adventure. There are many sides to me, and none are the same. I am serious, I am spunky, I am sassy, and I am full of love and joy. Follow me as I discover each day for all it has to offer.