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{The View}: Portland’s Peak Island Ferry + Island Lunch

August 12, 2012
me and padre
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Eating Clean & Sweating Dirty: Getting Fancypants

July 1, 2012

Hey there! Guess who survived her first day of the official Eat Clean Sweat Dirty challenge? Me. Say hello to the Block kids. Nice to see ya. I’ve been rocking the #EatCleanSweatDirty and #MakeItHappen hashtags for dayyyys now. What can I say, I never wait for things to officially start! I was just too darn excited. [...]

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We are all so, so guilty.

June 10, 2012

I came across this video tonight. Thanks, Alisa. Let’s talk about how guilty we all are of this. Don’t even deny it. I had a long day at work, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as yesterday. I had a rough day. Today was better. I went to bed early and drank a lot of [...]

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{Serious} Indulgence Friday.

June 9, 2012

I really took Indulgence Friday by the reigns this time. About equal to last time. Still $7.20. I don’t know how I do it every time … but it happens. There is no such thing as too much froyo. I enjoyed it wiff da baby sister. So happy! I loved getting out of the house [...]

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I am a brother of SIGMA. ALPHA. EPSILON.

May 24, 2012

ADDENDUM: Please pray for my baby sister. She’s in the hospital for the second time this week and we don’t know what’s wrong. Send your love. Thanks everyone. This is going to be a quick one because A. I had a rough day and B. I think I might fall asleep in all my clothes and makeup. [...]

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My Beautiful Baby Sister

January 11, 2012

How beautiful is she? Only fifteen. Sometimes color // black & white variety is necessary. We really do look alike. All pictures taken on the Eastern Shore of VA on my Canon Rebel T3i DSLR.

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It’s genetic.

November 14, 2011

Goood morning zipadeedoodah chickadees! How are you? It’s supposed to rain today so I’m not the happiest camper at the camp site, and I have a bio test later… swear to the cheesecake gods that I have one every other week. Not pleased. With that being said, I am set to register for classes at 8:30 [...]

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As we go on, we remember….

June 24, 2011

GOOD (super late) EVENING MAHDEARS! Slash Happy Indulgence Friday!!! How are ya? I am currently watching Red Riding Hood (love Amanda Seyfried) with the fam whilst blogging. It is sooo good. Gotta love cinematic symbolism. SO the last few days have been kiiiind of crazy. I reviewed Must Have Been Something I Ate and posted a [...]

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