Cookie Dough in a Bowl

Don’t You Want Me? + Vermont Food!

February 27, 2011

Hi love doves!! How are you? I am not going to lie, I am rather sleepy and on a slight raisin burnout. I do not know how it happened, I am freaking out basically so I am laying off the raisins for the day. Tomorrow I will be back to my raisin-inhaling tendencies. Yesterday I [...]

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Eeples and Baneenies: DC Food

February 24, 2011

Did you ever learn that song when you were a kiddo? I still have it memorized! I like to oat, oat, oat, oples and banonos… Haha:) Anywho, how are you?! I had an awesome hump day, and I loved hearing about all of your favorite road trip foods and activities! I will be sure to [...]

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It Snowed on my Cookie Dough + Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake!

February 20, 2011

Good morning friends!! How are you? I hope your Sattyday was glorious Mine was spent eating everything in sight (I was so hungry, I swear to goodness it is ALWAYS my time of the month), watching Hulu, and gymming it up with a sweaty 60 minutes on the elliptical. I was so sore from my [...]

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Zucchini Noodles + Raw V-Day Lunch + CGB Bathroom

February 14, 2011

Good morning love doves, and Happy Valentine’s Day! How was your weekend? Mine was fun and jam-packed, hence the name of this post, which is quite the mouthful:) I’m so glad you chickadees loved the Indulgence Friday recipe! If you missed it, have a look and make it now, mmk? So in the spirit of [...]

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An Ode to Carbs

February 9, 2011

Good morning loves! Happy Hump Day! (aka, the almost best day of the week because you know that Thursday..and then right around the corner:)) Yesterday, I told y’all about my love for carbs and how I’ve been craving them like a lady with a baby. (and no, I am not preggo) Anyone ever think [...]

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Three Tangent Tuesday!

February 8, 2011

Good morning bloggy boos! Hope everyone avoided a severe case of the Mondays:) I sure did, with the help of approx. three bananas with almond butter…that’s my kind of study fuel! Unforch, I overslept this morning, which is why I am posting later than usual. I am usually at class by now, but since eating [...]

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Tangent Tuesday

February 1, 2011

Good morning lovies, and Happy Bunny Bunny Day! I hope everyone had an awesome Monday:) Thank you all so much for your thoughtful comments on my last post! I loved hearing your stories and opinions about “supporting the troops”, whether it be through supporting someone you love, being a soldier yourself, or simply supporting the [...]

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I Love College + Raspberry Amaretto Cookies!

January 29, 2011

Can I just say I REALLY miss being tan? Now I am paper-white, and I used to be Africano. I’m not joking. Then: Now: …..oh. Hi, Casper, ever heard of the sun? If you want to see (hilarious) pictures of me, you can see my entries for a vegan fashion show I entered over the [...]

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Indulgence Friday

January 28, 2011

Good morning bloggie babes! And Happy Indulgence Friday This is going to be a new tradition on CK, inspired by the dear Mama Hall (my lit teacher, I love her and she is my idol). You can thank the chocolate gods for this woman, she told me about how Friday is her “indulgence day”, and [...]

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Study Party!

January 27, 2011

Hi lovies!! I hope your day has been great so far:) Your comments on my last post were so sweet, thanks for being the best bloggy buddies! I can’t wait to go to more meetups and share the amazing raw love with you guys:) (by the way, if you haven’t tried Cookie Dough in a [...]

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