{#FitVEDA Day 3}: Filthy Fifty PR! Progress Makes Me Swoon.

August 3, 2012
crossfit idols

Hey there! Happy Indulgence Friday. Tonight I’m posting #FitVEDA VLOG #3 for you to enjoy while you’re getting ready to rage face. I, on the other hand, will be packing for my trip (New Hampshire, I’ll be seeing you so soon!!), and mentally preparing for tomorrow’s 31 Heroes Challenge. I’m shaking in my boots. But [...]

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{#FitVEDA Day Two!}: Collagen Sport + CrossFit Progress

August 2, 2012
hi hello

Let’s talk about how excited I am about life right now. And let’s not talk about how I’m wearing a green face mask right now and blogging at the same time. Not only can I not eat or drink, I can’t talk to myself. Aren’t you glad I didn’t do today’s #FitVEDA vlog with that [...]

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{VLOG}: #EatCleanSweatDirty Challenge + Neon Nike Kicks!

August 1, 2012
shoes shoes

I GOT NEW SHOES ….Again. Since the other pair won’t be here for a solid three months (waiting patiently where are my shoes), I knew I needed to invest in a pair to have until then. The nice part is that these shoes are¬†awesome, so when I get the Reebok’s I can switch on and [...]

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