{Portland}: Peak Island by Instagram.

August 9, 2012
lobster co

Things I love: Yummy food. Pretty things. The ocean. Ocean spray. Fog. Maine. Toes. Sperry’s get me through an unreal amount of walking. Who says they’re just for boats? Things that make me want to explode: Walking forever. and ever. and ever around an island. Beautiful downtown Portland. Today, we visited Peak Island and ate [...]

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The Crave Game. {Cookies}

July 24, 2012

I crave foods a lot. Think: Chocolate, avocados, ketchup, beer-battered chicken wings, and sprinkles. Normal things. But sometimes you need something that satisfies a whole bunch of cravings at once. Chocolate, avocados, sprinkles, and dreams of anything beer-battered and chicken-wing related. Tonight, I made cookies. I really like cookies. Especially when they’re a. Easy to [...]

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How I Spend My Sunday.

July 23, 2012

Driving around town. Working out with my favorite boys. ….And learning how to use the toys in the TRX room. Drinking green orange juice in my favorite BPA-free Starbucks cup. Ingredients: Carrot, celery, cucumber, romaine, lemon. Drinking stuff from Starbucks in a Starbucks cup. Passion tea! It makes me so passionate. Working on art projects…. [...]

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We Can’t All Be Perfect. {Especially Me}

July 6, 2012

Hey there! I got froyo last night. Mmmm yum so nommy. I’ve been eating really well lately (eating cleannnn!), and I wanted some froyo, so I got some freakin’ froyo. Not sorry. When I get frozen yogurt, I don’t mess around. I got every flavor including Raspberry Cheesecake (!!!) and then topped it with Reese’s, [...]

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It’s Good for Me.

May 31, 2012

Dying, dying, dead. How are you? I’ve been working a LOT and it’s really good for me…. but it’s also so stressful. I’m learning how to balance my sleep and my sanity all at once. I’m making good money though. This is a good thing. Been fueling at work with: Le Tuna Salad. So yum, [...]

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Things I Love: Tuesday

May 15, 2012

#1: Gabrielle Bernstein. This girl helps me to humble myself and put my life in perspective. Lately, I’ve been talking with friends about insecurity in myself and others. Why it happens, how it happens, why it drives us crazy, and how to avoid it. Gabby has sufficiently found a “reset” button that allows her to [...]

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May 14, 2012

I am praising the clouds, the earth below me, and even this little laptop that helps me get through every gosh-awful paper I’ve had to write this year. Needless to say, it’s been a whirlwind. I just got all of my final grades in, and while a couple of them aren’t where I was hoping [...]

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Katelyn, Lately.

February 21, 2012

Because I want to blog but everything I want to blog about is secret. So, I give you my (not so secret) life on Instagram. College place yesterday. So sunny beautiful. Vegan chicken salad from Syra-Juice. Carrot-mango smoothie, also from Syra-Juice. Gabriela is going to kill me for putting this picture up, but do I [...]

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