{Birthday} Shots: Fancy Pants.

August 1, 2012
yum skewers

Good morning! Guess who’s finally delivering on birthday food porn? Meeee. I hope you’re excited. These pictures are pretty. Birthday dinner buddy was Lisa, as if you would expect anything different. Love of my life and ray of sunshine. She’s moving to California the day after I move back to Syracuse, and I may be [...]

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{Birthday Shenanigans}: Instagram.

July 31, 2012

Yesterday, someone found this blog by searching for “olympic chicken”. I don’t have any of that yet, so I’ll make you some. “Chicken for the Olympian in You”, complete with a magic spell for super-human Ryan Lochte speed. Doesn’t that sound good? Now onto birthday shenanigans. Pre-birthday dinner yesterday. Hi! Jewelry were gifts from my [...]

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{Eating Clean}: “Want to get some oms?”

July 25, 2012
Thumbnail image for {Eating Clean}: “Want to get some oms?”

Last night I made cookies. Today I went out for omelettes. Hi there! My favorite brunch buddy, Lisa. Has anyone noticed that I really like to take pictures of people at awkward // eating moments? Bad habit. Gonna stay that way. Lisa had been in California for a bit (look at how tannnnn she is!), and [...]

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Saturday {Part 1}: Lisa

May 26, 2012

Short and sweet. Isn’t that how weekend posts should be? Brunch with Lisa. Cheers! Clearly too early in the morning for me. On a Saturday, anyway. Mediterranean omelette and whole wheat toast with butter. Ketchup on the side. Are you surprised? So yum. Shakira waited on us. While I was taking the picture, she came [...]

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The Day I Became Friends with a Tortoise.

December 21, 2011

Hehe. Yesterday I had a lot of fun. Lisa and I had a girl-talk catch-up date at Starbucks and then went to a local conservatory where we met two tortoises. Tortosi? Torti? A flock of Tort-en. (if you got the Brian Regan reference, you’re my hero) We also met Leo Balandis.     Oh. Creepy. [...]

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It’s not every day that you meet your idol.

July 19, 2011

Gooood morning chickadees! How are ya? Please say good. I’m having a fantastic day. If you’re not, I will gladly come over there and make you laugh. So smile. Kay good. Thanks. Yesterday was a day for the books. I woke up about ten times, finally opening my peepers around noon and deciding I should [...]

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Woahhhhh there horsie.

June 4, 2011

Good morning bloggy babes! How are you? I hope everyone is feeling sunny on the INSIDE on this gloomy, rainy day (at least that is how it is in Upstate New York). I wanted to take this opportunity to first tell you about my ROCKIN night at Lisa’s and then address yesterday’s post. Let’s get [...]

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A World Record + Peeing Zevia

April 8, 2011

Good morning bloggy boos!! How are you?! I am twitching in my seat I am so darn tooting excited to go to my COLLEGE today, aka meeting my new roomie aka my new best friend. We are the same person basically, everyone say hiiii:) So, back to the real world. Yesterday, Lisa and I set [...]

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Bressert Kale Chips + My New Baby!

March 20, 2011

Good morning love doves!! How are you? I have had the best. weekend. ever so far. Started off with a gorgeous run, a get-together that MAY have lasted past two a.m. and involved Chubby Bunny, brunch with this lady including tons of juice, waffles, and our new food revolution: Bressert Kale Chips! In case you [...]

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I’m a walking holiday!

March 13, 2011

Good (afternoon) bloggy boos! How are you? I am currently noshing on a cookie dough bowl because um I woke up after eleven. Whaddafuh people this NEVER happens to me! I am usually the girl that can’t sleep past eight. This is abnormal but I am embracing the need for sleep, a girl’s gotta do [...]

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