{Almost} Paleo Breakfast Cereal

Thumbnail image for {Almost} Paleo Breakfast Cereal February 6, 2013

I really like breakfast. Correction: I friggin LOVE breakfast. I wake up every day with a smile on my face because I know that there is a giant pan waiting to crisp a big pile of bacon and eggs. This girl is not afraid of bacon. Bacon = friend. But sometimes, I need a little [...]

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{It’s All About Balance}: Veggies + Cookies

Thumbnail image for {It’s All About Balance}: Veggies + Cookies December 12, 2012

Hi, guys! So, guess what. I’m trying out this thing where I’m eating more vegetables. I think it’s kinda working. For awhile I wasn’t eating much in the way of vegetables (too much effort, too much crunchatizing, doesn’t taste at all like cookies), and focusing more on my protein and fat intake. Which is fine, [...]

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{Paleo + Primal} Chocolate Chip Cookies

Thumbnail image for {Paleo + Primal} Chocolate Chip Cookies December 9, 2012

Sometimes when I’m sitting around gloomy Syracuse, I start listening to Christmas music that makes me want nothing but cookies. Or maybe it’s that whole thing about winter that tricks your body into believing you’re a hibernating polar bear. One of the two.

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Sandy Trip Update + Chaco-Cado Fudge Pudding

Thumbnail image for Sandy Trip Update + Chaco-Cado Fudge Pudding November 5, 2012

Ultimate breakfast of champions. Good morning, everyone! Thank you so much for your feedback!! I was recently made aware of a blogger in NYC who lost her home and currently has a donation fund set up for herself and her family. Thank you, Theo (who talks about more ways to help the cause), for letting me know [...]

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Winter + Invictus WOD + Quick & Healthy Paleo Dinner

Thumbnail image for Winter + Invictus WOD + Quick & Healthy Paleo Dinner November 3, 2012

Hey friends! Dang, I’m feeling so much better. It’s really amazing what a little home remedy’ing can do. I’ve been getting plenty of rest, eating my vegetables, and using a tissue when I sneeze. Proud, Mom? (it absolutely makes me so happy that she reads my blog. Hi Mom. What’s up) Sipping on the natural [...]

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Getting Over an Illness {The Natural Way!}

Thumbnail image for Getting Over an Illness {The Natural Way!} November 2, 2012

Hi everyone! It’s Friday night and I’m a college student. Put two and two together and you’d probably think I should be out being… social or something. Instead, I’m on my couch drinking tea because, surprise! I’m under the weather. I’ve been dreading this day, and knew it would come eventually. I’ve been training hard, [...]

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Grain-Free Paleo Pancakes

Thumbnail image for Grain-Free Paleo Pancakes October 18, 2012

After my day in New York City, I came home feeling like death and woke up the next morning wanting nothing but pancakes. Warm, fluffy, buttery pancakes. The kind that I used to have when I was a kid, made of love, bisquick, and ricotta cheese. That’s right, great-Grandma’s secret recipe? Used ricotta cheese. The [...]

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What’s on my Shopping List?

Thumbnail image for What’s on my Shopping List? October 14, 2012

Many of you have asked — so I’m here to answer. What’s on my shopping list every week, and how much do I buy? Given that I’m a single lady buying single lady food, it’s incredible to see the amount of food that I consume in just one week. I don’t have it down to [...]

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Beautiful Things in my Belly.

Thumbnail image for Beautiful Things in my Belly. October 13, 2012

The view from my apartment — absolute magic in the morning! Hey everyone! I am loving all of your responses to Thursday’s post on comment etiquette. Sure, we all love a good set of commenting “rules”, but a lot of you make valid points that not all of them apply all the time. Who doesn’t [...]

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Rest, Country Music Obsessed + Savory Breakfast Recipe

Thumbnail image for Rest, Country Music Obsessed + Savory Breakfast Recipe October 3, 2012

Good morning! Holy nuggets. To say I’ve been busy the last week would be a serious understatement. But I’m back and working on getting my mojo (read: sanity) back. Clean eats, country music (not sorry), and SLEEP. An area where I have been seriously lacking is being tackled once again. New bedtime: 10 pm. Let’s [...]

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