#Fitblog + No-Carb Raw Alfredo!

August 10, 2011

Goooood morning mah boos!! And hello to all of you new readers from #Fitblog last night! It was a blast to say the least If you would like to read the archive of the conversation (which I know you will), you can do so here. It will probably make you pee your pants. My theme? [...]

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It Snowed on my Cookie Dough + Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake!

February 20, 2011

Good morning friends!! How are you? I hope your Sattyday was glorious Mine was spent eating everything in sight (I was so hungry, I swear to goodness it is ALWAYS my time of the month), watching Hulu, and gymming it up with a sweaty 60 minutes on the elliptical. I was so sore from my [...]

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Zucchini Noodles + Raw V-Day Lunch + CGB Bathroom

February 14, 2011

Good morning love doves, and Happy Valentine’s Day! How was your weekend? Mine was fun and jam-packed, hence the name of this post, which is quite the mouthful:) I’m so glad you chickadees loved the Indulgence Friday recipe! If you missed it, have a look and make it now, mmk? So in the spirit of [...]

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My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard

February 12, 2011

Good morning booboos! I hope everyone had a rockin’ Indulgence Friday (ew, sorry for the baby talk, I am writing this at approx. 11:45 PM because I am all chocolateified-up from the recipe I am going to reveal to you, but of course I will schedule this to post in the morning so you all [...]

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Survival 101

February 11, 2011

Good morning chickadees, and HAPPY INDULGENCE FRIDAY I hope you’re all as excited for the weekend as I am! I loved hearing about all of your gardening skills (or lack thereof ), as well as all of your favorite foods! Update: my sprouty sprouts have sprouted! The quinoa is absolutely delicious and fresh-tasting, and the [...]

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Let Your Garden Grow

February 10, 2011

Good morning love doves! Happy almost-Friday I’m so glad that y’all love carbs as much as I do! In case you missed it, I wrote a poem for carbs. You should probably check it out. You might pee yourself. Just sayin’. AAANYwho, ever since I’ve been going high-raw, I’ve been interested in funky sounding things [...]

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My Healthy Dose of Awkward

January 22, 2011

Okay so before I get to my recap of the SCRUMDIDDLYUMPTIOUS raw brunch, I must let this out. Three awkward things I did today: In the shower, I accidentally put conditioner on my face, thinking it was face wash. No bueno. I mean, how does that even happen? Maybe it was because I was singing [...]

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Simplicity at its Finest

August 14, 2010

I love the farmer’s market. We picked up enough produce to sink a ship (aka, the usual ), and got some beautiful heirloom tomatoes! I’ll put up a picture tomorrow, they are so photogenic. They sold them in a variety pint, so we have lots of fun shapes and patterns to choose from. I can [...]

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Raw, raw, ah ah ahhh

August 9, 2010

Last night, I felt like going raw. So, I made a raw tomato soup and tabbouleh (bulgur isn’t exactly raw, but it was the only part that was cooked! ). The soup has a little bit of a kick to it (from the garlic) which I really liked, and it was super refreshing. The tabbouleh [...]

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