{Almost} Paleo Breakfast Cereal

Thumbnail image for {Almost} Paleo Breakfast Cereal February 6, 2013

I really like breakfast. Correction: I friggin LOVE breakfast. I wake up every day with a smile on my face because I know that there is a giant pan waiting to crisp a big pile of bacon and eggs. This girl is not afraid of bacon. Bacon = friend. But sometimes, I need a little [...]

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{Paleo + Primal} Chocolate Chip Cookies

Thumbnail image for {Paleo + Primal} Chocolate Chip Cookies December 9, 2012

Sometimes when I’m sitting around gloomy Syracuse, I start listening to Christmas music that makes me want nothing but cookies. Or maybe it’s that whole thing about winter that tricks your body into believing you’re a hibernating polar bear. One of the two.

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Cookies. That I baked.

Thumbnail image for Cookies. That I baked. November 19, 2012

I’m too sleepy and exhausted from my weekend (saw Zac Brown Band… live!), and today’s workouts. This is going to be an in-bed-before-ten kind of night. Until then, entertain yourself and bake some cookies. Thanks, Delighted Momma, for the recipe! You know it’s Thanksgiving break when….

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Sandy Trip Update + Chaco-Cado Fudge Pudding

Thumbnail image for Sandy Trip Update + Chaco-Cado Fudge Pudding November 5, 2012

Ultimate breakfast of champions. Good morning, everyone! Thank you so much for your feedback!! I was recently made aware of a blogger in NYC who lost her home and currently has a donation fund set up for herself and her family. Thank you, Theo (who talks about more ways to help the cause), for letting me know [...]

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Training + Diet Update {plus a meatbawl recipe}

Thumbnail image for Training + Diet Update {plus a meatbawl recipe} October 31, 2012

Hi guys! How’s your day going so far? Currently in my house eating a salad with pumpkin-seed oil and lemon juice, baby carrots on the side. I had a protein shake a couple of hours ago, so I’m having this and then probably some lamb meatballs from last night’s slow cooker experiment. They turned out [...]

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Grain-Free Paleo Pancakes

Thumbnail image for Grain-Free Paleo Pancakes October 18, 2012

After my day in New York City, I came home feeling like death and woke up the next morning wanting nothing but pancakes. Warm, fluffy, buttery pancakes. The kind that I used to have when I was a kid, made of love, bisquick, and ricotta cheese. That’s right, great-Grandma’s secret recipe? Used ricotta cheese. The [...]

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The World’s Biggest Paleo Cupcake {makes my day better}

Thumbnail image for The World’s Biggest Paleo Cupcake {makes my day better} October 16, 2012

Woo! Hi everyone! Raise your hand if you’re riding the struggle bus. Both hands raised. But I’m here to be a positive force in your day. Lift you up. First, let me tell you:

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Rest, Country Music Obsessed + Savory Breakfast Recipe

Thumbnail image for Rest, Country Music Obsessed + Savory Breakfast Recipe October 3, 2012

Good morning! Holy nuggets. To say I’ve been busy the last week would be a serious understatement. But I’m back and working on getting my mojo (read: sanity) back. Clean eats, country music (not sorry), and SLEEP. An area where I have been seriously lacking is being tackled once again. New bedtime: 10 pm. Let’s [...]

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Rest Days = Eat-My-Body-Weight-in-Food Days.

Thumbnail image for Rest Days = Eat-My-Body-Weight-in-Food Days. September 16, 2012

Seriously though. I’m eating everything. Let’s talk about what I ate when I woke up this morning: 3 eggs in coconut oil (with greens and marinara), a protein shake (1 scoop NeoCell chocolate, about 30 grams of protein per scoop), then approximately 3 tbsp. almond butter with chocolate chips. Just barely full after all of [...]

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Thumbnail image for Say it With Me: MEAAAATBAWLS September 13, 2012

Current song obsession: Can’t stop. If you hear this song blasting from a car around Syracuse, it’s probably me. I don’t even want to ask Spotify how many times I’ve listened to it. Let’s talk about meatballs. The other night, I spent some serious time thinking about what to do with this ugly-looking pound of [...]

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