Reebok ZigCarbon: Born to Run #livewithfire

June 13, 2013

As a CrossFitter, I’ve learned to be completely adaptable. To obscure conditions and good ones, unexpectedly heavy weights, unfamiliar movements, and once in awhile, having to get scrappy with a different kind of shoes (read: accidentally leaving your Nano’s at home and having to perform a metcon in my OLY Lifters). When I received the [...]

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7 Ways CrossFit Has Changed my Life

Thumbnail image for 7 Ways CrossFit Has Changed my Life January 22, 2013

Originally posted on Journey of a Dreamer for the wonderful Courtney while she was enjoying the tropical suns. Now you can enjoy some CrossFit awesomeness. That’s me. Doing what I do best: Wearing CrossFit clothes. And this is me at my very first CrossFit competition. (and these are photos from the latest competition. get ready because I have [...]

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Tuesday {Tidbits}

Thumbnail image for Tuesday {Tidbits} December 18, 2012

  Since I used a lot of words last night, I figured we were due for some pictures. Enjoy! First omelette at the new place!

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Because I love #ReebokNYC {Part I}

Thumbnail image for Because I love #ReebokNYC {Part I} October 10, 2012

Woooo! Hey there! Why have I been so goshdarn MIA?? I miss you guys…. so here’s my face. If you got through that video, then props to you. I talk a lot. Those squats were a serious pain in the neck. Literally. Let’s move on to NYC!

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Eating Healthy, Indulging, and Fake Chipotle… in my RealFlex.

Thumbnail image for Eating Healthy, Indulging, and Fake Chipotle… in my RealFlex. September 12, 2012

Hey everyone! Can we talk about how MIA I’ve been lately? Sweet goodness, I can hardly even muster the energy // brain power to Tweet, but I’ve been doing better with this. Finally figuring out how to balance classes, training, and what I love the most — yummy food and all of you guys. As [...]

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THEY CAME! #GetAfterIt

Thumbnail image for THEY CAME! #GetAfterIt August 26, 2012

‘Elloooo! I guess it’s Sunday. Where does time go?? Classes start tomorrow and I’m kind of scared but that’s fine. I’m completely freaked out by the fact that I still have to register for 4/6 of my classes because my advisor from last semester didn’t lift my advising hold until two weeks after registration started…. [...]

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#ReebokNYC: Why Reebok Stole My Heart.

Thumbnail image for #ReebokNYC: Why Reebok Stole My Heart. August 17, 2012

I’m trying really hard to help all of you to feel like you were there, but contain myself and be articulate at the same time. #BrandsILove? Let’s talk about Reebok. Yesterday, I was on an eight-hour train ride, the whole time trying to distract myself with blogging, blog reading, tweeting, e-mail responding, and found myself at [...]

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TODAY’S THE DAY! Let’s Meet the Champs.

Thumbnail image for TODAY’S THE DAY! Let’s Meet the Champs. August 16, 2012

Currently: On the train to New York and everyone around me is asleep but I kind of feel like doing burpees. I got approximately 2.5 hours of sleep last night and I’m totally cool with that because I came up with a game plan to get Rich and Annie to come to dinner with us [...]

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Travel Snacks + An Uncommon Workout Tool

Thumbnail image for Travel Snacks + An Uncommon Workout Tool August 14, 2012

Hi there! I haven’t done a “this is what I ate this is what I did today” post in awhile, so I figured I’d tell you about my day today. I’m warning you about the photo quality now. It’s not impressive. I woke up and immediately knew I wanted coffee — not food, just coffee. [...]

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BIG NEWS!! #ReebokNYC as Press for #FitFluential {VLOG}

Thumbnail image for BIG NEWS!! #ReebokNYC as Press for #FitFluential {VLOG} August 13, 2012

GUESS WHO’S GOING TO MEET THE FRONESTER AND ANNIE ON THURSDAY? Super casual. I’m so excited I could pee. #BrandsILove?? REEBOK! THANK YOU FitFluential and Reebok for making my dreams come true, and for making this life more beautiful and exciting every single day. And even moreso, I love all of YOU for coming here [...]

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