Road trip

{Road Trip} Eats: Homeward Bound

July 7, 2012

Guess who’s on her way home! Meeeeee! Don’t mind that quick childlike moment. It’s casual. I’m so sad to have left the Southern Virginia sands (and any future of getting more bronze) behind, but I’m ready to be home. Hitting the gym, making fancy yummy things, and seeing all of my buddies. Lilly bunker, can’t [...]

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Hello from the road!

June 30, 2012

Hey everyone! Currently on the road, en route to Charlottesville, VA. We spent the night in West Virginia (I can’t even talk about it, scary storms and sleeping in cars don’t sit well with me. Actually storms are fine.), and tonight will be staying with a family friend in Charlottesville. I’ll be seeing a few [...]

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A Little Explanation

December 27, 2011

Hello friends! Note: I’ve announced the giveaway winner! Checkitt. We left early this morning (early meaning around 10 am) and have been on the road since then. Currently: Entertaining ourselves with David After Dentist reenactments and finding cute things on my coffee. Thank you Cinnabon, I agree. We walked a lot yesterday, so any warm drink [...]

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Road Trip Musings

November 23, 2011

I would like to know what this whole “winter color” / “summer color” thing is. Personally, I love a deliciously flowy top in the dead of winter covered in flowers and sprinkles. But maybe that’s just me. I think most people prefer to wear dark and dismal blacks, greys, and generally poopy-looking hues, but winter [...]

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Get Ready, ‘Cause Here I Come.

August 19, 2011

Gooood morning bloggy boos! Top of the mornin to ya How are you all on this fiiiine morning? I’m handy dandy awesome because I am heading to the gym right now (yes right now is 5am don’t judge), but that’s not the reason I’m so happy. I’m heading to Healthy Living Summit in a couple [...]

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Things I think about while driving for eight hours.

July 21, 2011

Huh I’m hungry, I want some oatmeal. I’m still hungry. Somebahhhdee get me some OATMEAL. Do you have any oatmeal? I wonder what everyone’s impression is of JP on the Bachelorette. I’d put a ring on dat shit. Ames is so cute. I don’t think I could ever do that though. I would totes magotes [...]

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Spontaneous Planking.

July 10, 2011

Did y’all see the tweets about spontaneous planking in NYC? They cracked me up. I saw some pichas too, but since they’re not mine, I decided I should take my own. Hahahhahhaha. Yesterday was spent in the car. Yep. A whole twelve hours. How does someone like me not go crazy? I like to call [...]

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Eeples and Baneenies: DC Food

February 24, 2011

Did you ever learn that song when you were a kiddo? I still have it memorized! I like to oat, oat, oat, oples and banonos… Haha:) Anywho, how are you?! I had an awesome hump day, and I loved hearing about all of your favorite road trip foods and activities! I will be sure to [...]

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February 23, 2011

…would highly approve of this beastly salad I ate on the road. Yes, I brought my family-size salad bowl with me on the road, it’s fine. Eaten with my favorite new travel utensils GOTCHA! You totally thought I was going to say I met the prez:) Sorry kiddos, today is not the day. If I [...]

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