I have a Boy Band problem.

May 14, 2012

Hello there! Double-fisting coffee and a Sunwarrior-double-banana smoothie. Almond milk in there somewhere. I am currently running off of a yoga high and was caught red-handed blasting Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” in my Prius. Windows down. Bass all the way up. I swoon at my environmental friendliness. Yes, I am that girl. Above, you see me [...]

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Missing Syracuse. It’s fine though, I found a carriage.

May 13, 2012

I’m going to start off this post by saying how much I miss Syracuse. Yes, I love being home and yes, there are so many awesome perks and opportunities here…. but good gracious, I miss college. Let’s be real here: I need to get a job. Make some monaaaaay’s. Some moolah. And also keep myself [...]

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Plans for this Summer

May 4, 2012

You know that quote? “And in the depths of winter, I saw in me an endless summer.” Or some variation of that. It’s not winter, but summer is arriving. I could smell it yesterday, just before a heat storm arrived. Right on time. Stolen from Katharine. I still have two finals tomorrow, and a paper due [...]

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First Day of School

January 17, 2012

The first day of school. Hmm. The first day of spring semester. Whee. Six classes, 19 credits. Oh boy. I’m having a moment where I don’t quite understand the world. Mainly because I had an odd dream last night that left me confused and heartbroken. There are some moments you don’t want to re-live. All dreams [...]

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Miracles Happen

January 16, 2012

True life, when I was a child I often did a yoga video that involved a farmer on a farm with fake puppet farm animals. See below. Hippie Weirdo Yoga Farmer – Watch More Funny Videos Looks like I started doing yoga a lot earlier than I thought. Children really will do anything. Guess what! [...]

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My Doily Shirt at Tiffany’s

January 4, 2012

Look at how cute this shirt is!!! Not my hair. The shirt. I went to coffee with my dear awesome friend Cory with my hair like that and he’s still friends with me. I’d say I’m a lucky gal. Did you read yesterday’s post? Or should I say… posts? No? Go do that. The Raw, [...]

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Serious Talk from Sweat

January 1, 2012

I went to hot yoga today. And uhh…. it was hot. Can I just say that I am now a hot yoga lover for life. We walked into the studio with the intention of sweating our butts off. We did sweat our butts off, but we learned a few things too. The second we walked [...]

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Lululemon Bwings Coffee Lovahs Togevah.

December 17, 2011

Oh, hello! (this I would typically say in an accent that I can’t really define) How are you? I am currently BIB and listening to a Michael Buble Christmas. He is a magician. Today I woke up bright and early (by 9, mind you….who am I?) and only got out of bed because the Madre [...]

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Peanut Flour Lava + Cute Little Nuggets!

July 16, 2011

Gooood morning mahboos! How are you doing? I am handy dandy awesome (again) AND it still doesn’t make sense (again) but I don’t curr. I hope the sun is shining out of your butt today! Yesterday was a beauuutiful perfect day! I woke up to the sun shining on my face (probably from my own [...]

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OIAJ & Time to De-Stress

November 18, 2010

This morning, I had Oats In a Jar. And they were good. Into the pot went: 1/2 cup oats 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk a melted banana mixed in Into the jar went: steaming oats 2 tbsp. almond buttah from the jar a handful of raisins cinnamon (obv) I can’t get enough of the banana-nut-butter [...]

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